Ten Simple Steps To Creating a WordPress Website

Ten Simple Steps to Create A Wordpress Website Image

Ten Simple Steps to Create A WordPress Website Image

Creating a website for your business is one of the fundamental steps in any digital lifecycle. In the case of a luxury rental for example, it enables potential clients to verify your business exists, to view facilities and images of your property and to contact you where applicable.

With a range of options available online, here are 10 simple steps to creating a website on WordPress, one of the world’s most user-friendly and commonly used platforms:

  1. Register the domain name (this can be done easily through providers such as www.godaddy.com or www.namecheap.com)
  2. Host it on a hosting site (your domain register service can offer this or you can choose an alternative dns hosting sush as dnsimple.com)
  3. Set up a WordPress account and choose a template (there are lots of free templates to choose from or you can purchase one for a small fee – think about which one serves your business most)
  4. Add security plugin add-ons to prevent viruses (e.g. akismet)
  5. Design the homepage including header image/slider and add content (This step is straightforward, however to really get benefit from it you might consider a designer and content writer to help out)
  6. Add additional post/pages such as Gallery or About Us and keep design/content consistent (as a general rule the more relevant content and images on your website the better)
  7. Set up menu to link to all pages (your wordpress template should provide you with this option)
  8. Set up and test “Contact” page (essential for potential clients to get in touch)
  9. Optimize the Search Engine Optimization using metatags and SEO plugins add-ons to generate leads (personally I’m a fan of All In One SEO Pack)
  10. Check functionality including Google Analytics and update regularly with fresh content (this will help you monitor process and update when required)

With these steps you should be all set!

As with most things in life you get out what you put in. Professionals are always available to assist with areas you are not comfortable with or, if you feel like a free friendly consultation, feel free to contact me.

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