To get the most out of your luxury villa in terms of bookings, you must effectively and consistently promote it. There are many ways to get the word out; here are seven tips on how to market/promote your luxury villa and vacation home rental to get more bookings, using tried and true methods.


Your website is not only a tool to advertise and get bookings, but it is also the face of your business. Often, the first interaction a potential guest will have with your villa is visiting the website. Just like meeting a new customer in person, the website must exude professionalism, quality, and show attention to detail.

Having an excellent site is equal parts aesthetics and functionality, including mobile usage (did you know that for 60% of potential customers, their first interaction with your website will be on mobile?). The site must be visually appealing to attract and engage the attention, while simultaneously easy to navigate and highly functional, performing tasks such as bookings and communications.


The more of the villa which can be visually presented to a potential guest, the more likely they are to be interested. Likewise, the more you write about your villa its features, the easier it will be for clients to search for it.

Foremost among methods of showcasing the villa is photography. When it comes to photography, every possible measure should be taken to ensure the very best pictures are chosen and carefully selected for use on the website and marketing. Where possible it is recommended to hire a professional photographer – if a small initial investment, you can see your bookings go through the roof (figuratively)!

Features like video and virtual tours can be highly useful. A video enables you to walk through and showcase the villa in a more representative state, giving some idea of the perspective a guest might have and showcasing the villa in its full animation. Increasing the immersion even more is a 360-degree virtual tour system, popular on many websites today, which allows the guest to take an interactive virtual tour of the villa right from their web browser.

Likewise the more content related to your villa. Remember that on search engines like Google, content is king! A full description of aspects such as location, amenities, services, location and activities can make a huge difference to the number of visitors to your website. If you don’t feel like this is your strong point, hire a content writer! An additional article on about your villa each month can make a big impact on the number of visitors to your website.


At this stage it is impossible to avoid the world of social media. With a popularity and cultural presence virtually unrivalled, services such as Facebook and Instagram are so ubiquitous as to be utilized by almost everyone connected to the modern world. By using these services yourself, it becomes possible to create a real internet presence which serves to keep you in the minds of your existing customers while also acting to attract newcomers to your villa.

Services such as LinkedIn are also excellent not only for promoting the villa but also putting you in contact with professionals and services that can further assist with the success of your villa. Other sites which cater to particular types of media, such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter can also be utilized specifically to promote your villa. Sites such as Pinterest and Reddit can even be employed to put your name out there among the ceaseless armies of idle web surfers.


Building and maintaining a mailing list is proven to be one of the best way and most cost effective was of improving customer retention. Not only that, the mailing list can be highly useful for informing new customers as well. By acquiring the email addresses of your clients, you are given a direct link to promoting deals, advertising openings and building a lasting relationship which helps to keep people coming back.

Not enough clients just yet? How about capturing the email addresses of visitors to your website and social media pages? This can provide you with a free and relevant target audience to entice to book your villas. You can easily set up drip campaigns to target these customers at the exact moment they are likely to book, vastly increasing your revenue stream from those addresses.


As with most things web-related, there are directories available online to search of luxury villas. Sites like Luxury Retreats, VRBO, Airbnb, Villas of Distinction and many more are hugely popular with villa owners and guests alike as they provide security and a regular revenue stream. Although you can expect to pay a commission in the region of 10-20%, registering your villa on these sites can give you an immediate increase in inquires and bookings.

Added to this, because should websites have such huge resources at their disposal, you have the possibility of gaining increase exposure through PPC advertising, search engine results, videos and magazine articles. Ensuring you get well positioned on these websites can be achieved through opening up a dialogue where possible and discussing mutually benefical strategies to optimize your bookings.


A paid advertisement can be easily and instantly broadcast to thousands or even millions of people if placed in the right channel. While it will definitely require a bit of extra change in the budget, a paid advertisement for a service such as Google AdWords can be a well-placed investment and is still the most popular format today. Other services like YouTube and LinkedIn also provide advertising services, though these can be slightly more expensive. Facebook is another great option to advertise if you have the budget – you can reach your way into relevant Facebook feeds via the Sponsored Posts and other Facebook advertising services.


Photos takes, content complete – your villa is looking a good as it possibly can be! To top it off, few avenues are as rewarding as advertising in a luxury magazine. Emblazoned on the pages of a high-class magazine, alongside other renown villas or resorts and luxury items is a fantastic way to create the image of a truly luxurious accommodation: a villa worth visiting even for the richest and hardest to impress.