Booking Suite Promotion

  Your website powered by with 0% commission! Sign up today for a free WebDirect website for your hotel and we’ll give you a 0% commission rate on all bookings for the first month! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut[…]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud List and Group Creation

SalesForce Marketing Cloud List Group Creation

  Salesforce Marketing Cloud List and Group Creation Objective: Cover the main process for list segmentation in Exact Target (ET is also known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud) Overview: Getting Started Creating a List Creating a Group Getting Started: –       Log into Exact Target: with the log in details provided by email: –       An account activation[…]

Get More Luxury Villa Bookings

Get More Luxury Villa Rental Bookings

To get the most out of your luxury villa in terms of bookings, you must effectively and consistently promote it. There are many ways to get the word out; here are seven tips on how to market/promote your luxury villa and vacation home rental to get more bookings, using tried and true methods. 1. GET A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE[…]

Ten Simple Steps to Create A Wordpress Website Image

Ten Simple Steps To Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a website for your business is one of the fundamental steps in any digital lifecycle. In the case of a luxury rental for example, it enables potential clients to verify your business exists, to view facilities and images of your property and to contact you where applicable. With a range of options available online,[…]

Gogedder Workshop

How to Start a Business Online

Starting your own business online can be seem like a large hill to climb, believe me I know. A useful approach is to break a seemingly mammoth task into small more manageable task. Below is a checklist of tasks that should help with starting your own successful business online: Find a need and fill it[…]

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